Fika* break

Chocolate chip cookie dough must be the best tasting dough. Except for gingerbread cookie dough, which is truly the best but can usually only be eaten once a year – one or two weeks before Christmas (perhaps that’s what makes it the best dough, the sweetness of the limited access). Chocolate chip cookie dough can be reached whenever which is a huge advantage but it still only makes a strong two on the scale.

We’ve gotten a new colleague at work and today was our first work meeting all together so I though it would be appropriate to bring some goodies to have with the coffee, to make everyone feel a little extra welcome.

Hence, I decided to bake something. Plus, it gave me a chance to initiate my new apron that I got this summer.

I really detest getting my fingers sticky and choping chocolate bars into little chocolate chips definitely makes my hands sticky so for once I decided to buy chocolate chips. It’s not exacly economic but it saves a little time. Also, they look cute.

It’s actually a pretty easy dough to make and it tastes so good, I totally get why some ice cream makers have had the great taste to put chocolate chip cookie dough in their ice cream.

My recipe says to roll pieces of dough into balls, then split them, turn the halves and put them together again. I don’t really ge it but I figure they are supposed to not look smooth and in order. I figure I can make them look untidy without this procedure by simply taking pieces of dough from the bowl with and dump it on the baking sheet.

They all smooth out in the oven anyway.

Speaking of baking sheets, yesterday I mentioned how my toes are intact. Last time I made cookies for a co-worker I accidentally droped a baking sheet corner first right on my left middle toe. Luckily the baking sheet wasn’t hot but it still hurt like crazy, the toe was blue for weeks and still hurts if I press a finger to it. Yesterday before I went home my co-worker told me to be careful with my toes and well, I was.

Today we had a great fika* at our meeting, the cookies tasted great and we also had fruits and biscuits and plenty of tea and coffee but most importantly: my toes are still intact.

* Fika – the activity that you do at a café: having coffee/tea/something else to drink and (often but not necessarily) eat some kind of pastry. Swedes take our fika serious and make sure to do it multiple times a day – a fifteen minutes fika break in the morning at work and again one in the afternoon, when visiting with friends, by yourself in the evening or whenever it seems suitable. The level of the fika can vary, everything from seven different kinds of cookies together with your friends and the nice china to a simple cup of coffee while watching the news on TV. The word fika comes from vagabond slang where the syllables in the word kaffe (coffee) were inversed to make fekafika.