Interior decorating

My back hurts very much today so instead of being out and about I’ve stayed indoors and done some sorting and some cleaning and of course some knitting. Luckily I’ve had help with carrying the laundry basket, otherwise next week would have been interesting with no clean clothes.


I’ve also collected all the stray yarn bags that have accumulated in the apartment over the summer. Summer is not over yet though, it’s not even mid-August yet, so I can’t promise this is it on the yarn front for the summer (for example I’m pretty interested in an orange-green color combination that inspired me a few days ago).

It’s been more that I expected so far but I love every single one of them, even the cotton ones although that doesn’t come as naturally at the love for wool. It’s a type of love that can only be in small doses in order to persist.


61 skeins plus three that I’ve already knit up. I can’t believe how quickly they add up. A skein here and a ball there and all of a sudden there are over 60 balls. They are pretty and I have a plan for almost all of them. I think there are two sweaters for me, three hats, fours scarves, two shawls and eleven baby sweaters in there. That’s quite somethng. The balls have been picked up all over the country and also Norway, and I’ve met with some really nice knitters during my visits in different yarn stores.


The problem is though, for the moment they will have to stay in their different plastic bags. At least till I have time to knit it up or purchase another box (there will probably be room for another one under the bed even though the stash won’t be as accessible as now) to put it in. On the other hand I have absolutely nothing against having yarn in every possible corner, it’s pretty, it’s warm and probably helps isolating my apartment during winter. And of course, there is nothing wrong with patting a ball of yarn every now and then while pottering around the apartment. Also, perhaps I could encorporate yarn in my interior decorating. Three balls of yarn on a table instead of flowers? Next to the books on the shelf? On the couch instead of cushions? There is no end to the possibilities.

Edit August 12: I found another two skeins adding the total amount of yarn so far up to 66.