Across the linen ocean

It is still very warm even if we did have some rain in the evening. It wasn’t much though. Instead, since it was too warm to do much else, the crafts studio on the veranda has contiuned.


Rein-deer in Evening Sun has contiuned to progress and is coming along very nicely.

With even warmer weather today I didn’t even try to take out my knitting and started to prepare to do some cross stitch instead. A few months ago I found a very pretty cross stitch picture in a magazine and I got it as a gift from my mum. It is a huge flower bouquet with flowers in every color and also some bugs: butterflies and ladybugs and bees and so.


As mum said today, we must have forgotten to look at the size of the finished picture because when I took out the linen fabric to start by mark the middle of the fabric and sew around the edges to stop it from unravel, it turned out the whole thing is huge! And by huge I mean monstrous.


The thing is 140 x 140 cm big (55″ x 55″) and I thought it would take me forever just to mark the middle. It didn’t though but it’s kind of hard to handle.


Since you usually start a cross stich in the middle it means I have 70 cm (27½”) of fabric to get around in all directions from where I start. That’s a lot. Not to mention when I need to turn it to weave in the end of my thread.


I did get started though and even though this picture will take a long time to finish, I think it will be worth it.