I’ve rested a little and are now more fit to tell you more about my little trip north. Many, many miles equal many hours in a car which makes for good knitting time. I did drive some of the way too, the part where to road was so up and down and turned frequently so it was impossible to knit without getting motion sickness anyway.

Most importantly…
I did sit on the bench under the fir tree and knit. Not for long, I admit that, but I did knit.

We hiked up the mountain, Ränningsvålen, mum and I. The fir tree is about half an hour walk uphill.

The last part we were escorted by a herd of rein-deers. I’m pretty sure they were a little tired of us because they kept walking in circles around us almost all the way down and then also later in the afternoon when we took a little walk. I’m sure they said to each other “Look, those two again, can’t they just stay put!”.

I also knit up on the mountain, 932 meters above sea. It was windy and I had to hold on tight to my needles.

As I said before we also went to Norway and Röros.

Röros is an old copper mine village and so pretty. I’ve never been to Norway before so that was great fun.

Isn’t this the prettiest police department building you’ve ever seen?

This was fun too, the sign says bookstore but they only sell men’s clothes. Instead the real “Amnéus Boghandel” was located somewhere else, not far away from the yarn store where I got my Norwegian yarn.

Sorry about the crappy picture but I assure you the knitted products made by this will be beautiful.

Aparently there has been a wool factory in Röros but now unfortunately it’s a hostel.

We also stopped at a rein-deer butcher to get some sausages. Tasty!

My knitting is now becoming well-travelled.

I like how this rein-deer respects the traffic regulations, remembering the right-hand traffic.

The same evening we got some less well-behaved visitors in the garden.

And not just the garden, the entire village got called upon.

The last two pictures are taken from the kitchen window. There were about 20 rein-deers visiting. They left in a hurry though.

The last day before we left we made a stop in Tännäs and bought bread.

Tännäs has Sweden’s highest located church, 648 meters above sea.

It’s really beautiful. All that light and the colors. Lovely!

I’ve already told you about the Bikini Club in Lillhärdal but it’s worth mention again.

The ladies look so comfortable up there on the roof. Our star reported wrote a great piece about the exhibition.

Besides the ladies on the roof Veronika Psotková also showed us the piece Sauna, about seven men in a very confined space, a sauna. It’s interesting, the contrast in how the women in the Bikini Club are free and can take up space while the men in Sauna are stuck in a narrow little room.

On our way home we stopped at a big yarn store. I love their sign.

The visit resulted in some additions to my stash.

Good bye Härjedalen, till we meet again!