Baby teal

It’s been a while since I showed you a finished project but I think there might be some things in the near future. To start with I’ll show you a baby cardigan that I finished quite some time ago but forget to blog about.


The pattern is Bruno from Yllotyll design. I don’t think Bruno is a very fitting name for my little cardigan though, since it’s more teal than brown. It’s quite pretty in it’s simplicity.


The yarn is Manos Silk Blend fino from Manos del Uruguay in color 2370 Steel.

Koftor_130610-5 Koftor_130610-3

I had to use two balls of yarn and the first one was done when I was done with the back and the lower parts of the front. It seems that the second ball was a little different in the color but I don’t think that’s bad. Because it happened just on the upper front and sleeves it looks even and totally on purpose so that’s what I’m going with. Especially since I didn’t notice until I was blocking it.


I did one modification. I don’t really like to crochet button holes on the edge of the garment so I used yarn overs to put them in during the knitting instead.


The recipient of the cardigan will have cousins with connections to Poland so I thought it appropriate to bring this project to Warsaw and I did some rounds here and there whenever I had a chance. Here the cardigan is with me at the Lazienki park where there is a palace on the water. In the background you can see the hunting lodge. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind living in that hunting lodge.


Me and the cardigan looking at the view from the Palace of Culture and Science.


Here we are at a square looking at the socialist realistic architecture (barely) showing in the background.

It’s harder to spot a knitter in the summer but if you look closely there might be something that betray us.