12 to go?

I keep working on my little squares. They are quite addictive. So far I have 30 squares and I need 42 for a blanket size 100×70 cm. I still think that’s a tad small but it’s a start. he squares are perfect, quick enough to finish in a an evening but complicated enough to still feel like an accomplishment for someone with a limited amount of time. Also, the yarn helps keeping it interesting, some squares are yellow, some are pink and quite a lot of themĀ are apricot. Very lovely indeed and I have high hopes for the end result.

There are a lot of ends to weave in – I haven’t started on that even though I should have. I assume there will be even more ends to weave in once I start crocheting the squares together. Let’s worry about that later though.

Right, time to start square no. 31