Queen of the flowers

When I was a child there was a flowerbed with roses around the house. They were a deep pink and smelled lovely. My mum took them in and put them in a vase and it was beautiful. Roses come in so many shapes and colors, it’s wonderful. The flowerbed and the roses are long gone but I remember them fondly.

Roses are also a popular flavor in perfume and body lotion and such. It’s quite agreeable but I never understood the smell. I thought it was artificial and just wrong. It wasn’t until I visited the rose garden of pałac w Wilanowie, Wilanów Palace, the , in Warsaw that I actually understood the smell of the perfumes and both lotions. There I smelled roses that actually smelled like the perfumes. I had never done that before since the roses where I grew up smelled differently and now every time I smell a rose like that I’m still surprised.

The rose in the picture smelled like the ones in the rose garden at the palace and it felt quite royal to me, despite growing in a small garden in a small city in a small country away from Poland. But then again, roses are the queens of the flowers, right?