Tip of the day

Being around yarn all the time inspires me. And ever since I went through my left overs I’ve ┬áhad the thought of blankets in the back of my head. I really should do a left over blanket but there are other blankets as well, and I’ve seen so many beautiful ones lately. Today I contemplated these color combinations for a blanket and although I really like the colors, I was worried some of them wouldn’t have enough of a contrast. To check that there is a fairly easy way of doing it. You take a picture of your colors next to each other.

Then you turn it into black and white. I use a snap chat filter to do it and it comes in quite handy. When the picture is black and white you can see if the colors have enough of a contrast and by consequence if they will stand out from each other when next to one another. The two colors to the bottom left are quite close, and so is the one to the bottom right. Since they are so different in color though, I doubt it will be much of a problem.

Now I just need to figure out what my main color should be (white or whiter?) and then I can start whenever I want.