Unexpected but good

I need a project. Einar’s summer cardigan is almost finished and I need something to knit. I should be making a big lace shaw, which is next in pipeline, but my knitting time is so limited and fragmented these days that I don’t dare to start a complicated project like that. I hope that the baby will start sleeping better in a few weeks but right now, I need something that doesn’t require much thinking, that I can leave at any moment.

I thought long and hard about different things, shawls, socks, mittens, mitts, and so on. I even swatched for a simple cardigan but nothing seemed appealing. Then I thought again and looked at the stash. Kits. I have plenty of kits. I should knit a kit! I have socks kits for example. Sock kits that contain color work but suddenly I don’t feel so bad about that. I have a kit that I’ve been thinking of making lately and this is the time I believe. A pair of color work socks. Good choice!