Think like a yarn store

Two years ago I reorganized my stash in the Stash dash 2017. I went from sorting by color and loosely by weight (as in “heavy” and “not so heavy”) to sorting only by weight, from lace to bulky. Now, later in the summer I will have the opportunity to reorganize the stash again, due to a re-furnishing of the living room, and I wonder if I should keep the order I have or if I should take the opportunity to re-organize again.

I will have more space this time but I’m not sure I will have enough space to sort by weight and color for example. Or maybe I should just keep it the way I have it and just give each weight a little more room. How does other people organize their stash? A yarn store sort by brands and perhaps fibers but I don’t have those quantities (yet). I suppose I could still try to sort by brand within the weight, and perhaps also by fiber within the weight, that should really help me when I try to pick out yarn for a project. That would also help me to separate the expensive fancy-schmancy yarn from the bulk yarn, the one that have good quality and is useful┬áto have around but there’s nothing spectacular about it.

This might actually be a good idea! I should think more like a yarn store when I organize the stash. How do I like my yarn stores to be organized and why? What are they usually doing and do I like that? This will be really helpful and I can’t wait to start putting it all together.

I’m also contemplating shelf for kits and one for mini-skeins.