World cup and all but have you ever played yarn chicken?

When I started this cardigan I was happy I got an opportunity to use up some stash yarn. I had six yarn balls and used three to make this. When I did the second cardigan (which was finished first) I wondered if I should use the other three yarn balls or if I could use the light grey from this cardigan. In the end I used the other three, which was good because I almost didn’t have enough of the dark grey that I used instead of this light grey.

Then when I went back to this cardigan, I kept knitting and suddenly it dawned on me. If I didn’t have enough yarn for both button bands on the other cardigan, I certainly wouldn’t for this cardigan, since it’s a bigger size, that I knew. But what if I didn’t have enough for the sleeves either? The closer I came to the finish line the more convinced I was that I wouldn’t have enough and I started planning a trip to the yarn store. But a trip to the yarn store would work against the whole point – to use up stash yarn. I decided to knit for as long as I could and hoped that I would at least have enough for the sleeves and then I would do the cuffs in a different color and then the game of yarn chicken started.

This evening I found myself with just an inch long cuff left and a small amount of yarn. Would I have enough? Should I shorten the cuffs? What was going to happen? This game of yarn chicken could go either way.

In the end, I won. I had enough for the cuff and didn’t have to shorten it. I can make the cardigan as I planned. The margins were on my side and with 49 centimeters left, I finished the sleeve. Victory is mine!