Tea cleaning

Today I organized my tea shelf. As I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds of yarn in the stash I’ve also tried to get the upper hand of my tea shelf. It’s been a bit out of control lately and I’ve tried to contain it, one tea cup at a time.

I can be a bit sentimental but today I showed no mercy. I opened beautifully wrapped Japanese green tea (which I probably never will drink, I really don’t like green tea but I couldn’t throw it out either, I wasn’t that merciless).

I found weird herbal tea with the cutest little sugar sticks (again, too bad I don’t take sugar in my tea).

I realized I have plenty of my favorite herbal tea (I’m not really super fond of herbal tea but this one is top notch), a tea with mint and apple. It tastes well and smells fantastic.

I have so many tea caddies but this one is probably the most exceptional. It’s a book. It opens as a book and in there is the tea.

The end result looks great and I could fit all my tea in there. I’ve divided the shelf into black tea, herbal, red, and green tea and then empty tea caddies plus tea pots.

Now I can continue to finish it up, one tea cup at a time.