Meet my new alter ego

Last Friday she entered, my stereotypical knit lady: Stick-Stina. She was wearing knitwear from head to toe (except I wore a home sewn skirt instead of a knit one): linen sweater, cowl, 2 different shawls, wristwarmers and socks. And a head wrap. The hair was colored red for the evening (it felt a bit like cotton candy by the end of the evening and a shower was much appreciated) and she had knitting related earrings. She was handing out flyers for a knitting retreat later this spring.

I intended to use all the stereotypes of a knitter I could think of and I did. The fun thing happened when I went through my shawl drawer to pick out my costume. I chose three shawls and I was happy with them. Then I decided to tidy up a bit and found more shawls. Better shawls and I decided to switch. Then I figured a fourth shawl wouldn’t be bad and perhaps a fifth one if someone else felt chilly. The sixth shawl went very well with the outfit and how could I forget the seventh? That’s when it hit me – I had become the crazy knit lady myself! She is apparently not far away. I stopped myself and went with the amount I had decided on from the beginning – three. It was a close one but I avoided it – for now.

In the end people got that it was a costume but a lot of them had hoped the knitting retreat was for real. So did I.