The head wrap, you say?

My head wrap is making fast progress. It’s a quick knit, only 19 stitches per row, and each pattern repeat is 10 rows so as long as I don’t lose focus I should have my little head wrap ¬†finished by next Friday. I’ll knit till I run out of yarn, it doesn’t seem worth it to use up more than one yarn ball for this project since it’s mainly for fun. I’ve never felt like I need a hand knit head wrap before so I’m not sure how much I will use it beside this costume party. If I get it finished before said party, that is. Lost of focus and blocking are the two things that might ruin it for me – focus because other knittings are quite tempting right now, and blocking because it’s a little hard to find the opportunity to block something since Me Made likes to examine things. I’ll worry about blocking later though, first things first and finish the knitting definitely takes priority.