Costume party!

I’ve been invited to a costume party. I’m going to dress up as a knitter, an exaggerated image of a knitter. Every stereotypic idea about a knitter, that’s what I’m going to pick. I’m going to dress up in knitwear from top to bottom, layer with multiple shawls, spray my hair with red hair paint, put it up in a bun and stick a knitting needle through it, hand out flyers for the next knitting retreat, and carry around a basket with yarn, projects and office supplies. The advantage of this is that it won’t be weird at all for me to pick up a knitting during the party, it’s totally in character. I’ll even say it’s something for my grandchildren.

Now, obviously, I already have everything I need to create this look. I’ll wear my linen sweater, accessorize with a few slightly mismatched shawls, pick some yarn from the stash to put in my basket, wear knitting inspired earrings and talk at length about yarn weight and the advantages of circular needles over dpn’s (or the opposite). The only thing I don’t have is a head wrap. I have a lot of hair, this knitter is obviously accessorizing with a matching (or not) head wrap. Time for a stash dash, I thought, and came out with this bamboo yarn that will make a lovely head wrap that hopefully goes well together with my hair color for the evening. It will be perfect!

I hope people will understand that it’s only a costume…