More decisions all the time

I’m almost halfway through my shawl and I’ve picked the order of the colors. The problem is I don’t have enough of the charcoal to make another triangle like that. I will have to change the order of the colors for the second part but I’m not sure how. Either I make it white or I pick up a new yarn entirely or light grey or something else. I don’t knot if the green will be enough either so the second half of this shawl is so far very mysterious and I doubt we will no the ending until I actually cast off.

Now I’m just scared to make the wrong decision. I thought I had made my decision when I finally decided the first order of the colors and even wrote it down on Ravelry, but no. There are more decisions to come and what if the shawl ends up looking bad? Scary, scary thought since I like it so much. I will remember though that even if it looks bad in the end I still had fun knitting it and got to use up some stash yarn while I was at it. And that is actually good enough.