It’s okay to manipulate a little

I finished my socks a dew days ago. I would have finished earlier but I realized the last few stripes before the toe would be very, well, brown. Brown and brown and not so stripey at all. I know I said brown and light blue was the color combination of the year but this was a bit too much. So, what to do?

I cheated! I ripped out a few stripes and cut the yarn, pulled out a foot or two and started knitting again. The result is clearer stripes and also stripes that pick up the light blue a little more. I was worried it would look too constructed but I think it works. It’s not a super smooth bridge colorwise but I’m fine with that.

These socks are knit alternating both ends of one yarn ball and I’m surprised how often the colors follow each other. When one end transfer towards one color, so does the other end. I’ve made five pairs of these socks and this has happened to all of them. I suppose it is because the yarn has one main color (brown in this case), and that’s been the case with all the other ones as well: purple, brown and wine red. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but a little bit of manipulation now and then might be in order, although there is something in me telling me it’s wrong. I feel very mischievous!