Oh, the leftovers

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about leftover projects. I have a lot of left overs and I need to do something with it. I’ve looked at shawls but what would really do the trick is a blanket I think. Annelie has an ongoing leftover blanket and it’s really pretty. It’s crochet and you just add bits and pieces of what ever yarn you want. The idea is very appealing to me since I don’t like throwing away yarn, no matter the amount. The question is, when would leftover be enough… well… leftover to fit in the blanket? I mean, how much, or rather, how little, yarn should be left before I can use it in the blanket? If I have enough leftovers, after a project is finished, to make a whole other project, like wrist warmers after I’ve made a shawl, should I prioritize that before the blanket and instead use the leftovers from the wrist warmers (that were made from the leftovers of the shawl) in the blanket. That seems like “the right way” to do it, but that also means that the blanket will have far less eligible material and won’t grow as fast. Tricky decision but no matter what, a leftover blanket is in pipeline for sure.