These socks are made for walking

Socks! I love knitting them. I knit more than I need and I am fairly certain that I have also met all the needs of socks among my friends and family for years to come. But I still knit socks. It’s fun, soothing and relaxing and you never know when you might need a pair. It’s the process that’s important, not the finished item.
There are quite a few of us, sock knitters, but there are also powers who try to run us out of business. The other day I say something in a shop window that puzzled me. It was an electric feet warmer, a device in which you could put your feet and the device would warm them. Now, what is this? What’s so wrong with socks? They are flexible and come in any color or shape. Are they trying to make socks redundant? Have we come to the point where everything technological is automatically better than everything else? Well, joke’s on you, with this device you have to stay put, you can’t leave your chair. Me, I’m out walking in this cold but lovely winter weather, with my feet warm and comfortable in my woolen socks. Beat that if you can!