It’s finally here, the color of the year!

Zebra socks might have way too many ends to weave in, in the end, but they are fun to knit too. I’m going to try to twist it a bit so that I reduce four ends per sock this time, and perhaps also weave in some ends while I go along. This color combination is quite nice, especially when the brown and the blue meet. This is not the first time I’ve looked at that combination this winter. My latest MKAL kit also contains blue and brown. Could that be this year’s color? A little late to the party, I admit, but this year hasn’t exactly been ordinary.   It feels good to have found the combination of the year, I like traditions. I’ve done it for almost a decade (although I’m unsure about 2017, was there a color that year? Or was I too busy feeling ill and tired to notice any colors?) and it’s fun to see what I pick each year. Blue and brown is a new combination, I’m intrigued.

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