Memory loss

It seems I promised someone to knit them a pair of mittens this past summer. I was reminded of it about a month ago and had to embarrassingly admit that I had completely forgotten about the whole thing. I must have heard the words “mittens” and then let go of the entire thing. It’s not like me at all, but it seems to be the case this time. Now it also seems I got a pattern for those mittens I and can’t remember one thing about it, least of all how that pattern looked. What has happened to my memory? Can I blame the little person in the picture? I admit, this summer was a bit crazy in so many ways: heat, hospital visits and a tiny baby. I just must have forgotten about a pair of mittens (I mean, it was impossible to even think about wool during that heat), read while being sleep deprived and unhappy. Hopefully we can remember the name of the pattern and perhaps find it again.

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