The most important

Today I was knitting in public at a cafĂ© and a mother and her child were there as well. The child commented on my knitting. “Look, a sock!” I commended the child on being spot on, this is indeed a sock (or two but only one on the needles), and a lot of grown-ups often have a hard time seeing what I’m making. The mother started talking to her child about knitting, that the child’s grandmother does it (yep, I’m comparable to a grandmother and here I am only eight months into being a mother. I like grandmothers so it’s nice to know I already have some of the qualities) and that the mother wished she did it more but she doesn’t have the time. That got me thinking. How come I have time and she doesn’t?

Sure, her child is older than mine, maybe she even has more than one, but she must also prioritize other things than me. Or is she secretly mocking me for my lazy life where I have so much spare time that I can spend it on such un-necessary things as knitting? I don’t know but I do wonder why I have the time and she doesn’t. What is she doing during her spare time?

There are absolutely things I wish I did more: cross-stitch, bobbin lace, coloring and reading, but I know that knitting is the most important thing and I don’t prioritize the other stuff as much and I have myself to blame for not doing the other things. But they just aren’t as important as knitting. Knitting keeps me sane and makes me able to cope with other and more stressful things. When other things in life calm down (perhaps when I retire and Me Made has grown up), then maybe I can free up more time to do all the other things AND still knit as much as I do. Till then I will just prioritize the knitting!

(Don’t worry, I prioritize Me Made over everything but when the baby sleeps, I knit.)