From Villette with Love

In late May I ran into a book sale and got ten books in one go. I haven’t read them all, that I have to admit. But I have read more than I thought I would. Among those ten books I had a book series about a detective in the fictive town Villette in Belgium. I had the first book in the series and also bok two to six. I hadn’t been able to find book two at the book sale and instead I ordered it online. Yesterday I finished the fourth book in the series and I think the fourth was if not the best then at least top two so far. Incredibly complicated but interesting. They are set in Belgium but there are connections to Sweden and France as well and it feels very at home for me, I feel comfortable in those environments.┬áThe one in the picture is number five in the series and I will wait a little before starting that, I need a little break and rest my head before I start another complicated story.

Among the rest of the books I have only started one but I never finished it (yet). I started in when I didn’t have neither energy nor time and that’s why I never got really invested in it. I might give it another chance when the circumstances are different. I must say though that I feel like I’ve gotten back to reading as an interest a little bit. I feel like I lost it about six years ago but perhaps, after this summer, I’ve slowly moved back towards reading again. That feels good.