Knitting resolutions 2019

Today I met someone who as a New Year’s resolution had decided to learn to knit socks. I found that resolution charming and figure I need to make my own knitting resolutions. So my goals for this year are to:

  • knit something with left overs,
  • use stash yarn to create more space, specifically in the light fingering, fingering and sport sections,
  • dare to knit from nice stash yarn (I might not be able to keep that one…),
  • knit something with yarn form my yarn club,
  • finish a UFO, and
  • the usual one, to knit 12 bigger things for myself.

Maybe that should be enough. I have no idea how much knitting time I will have so I figure this will be possible. And it’s also evident from the color chart above that I need to knit more pink (I usually need to knit more pink). It’s the colors I used on my Instagram feed and it’s not nearly as much pink there as it should be. Besides that I love how much color there is. Although, I’m surprised about all the beige.