No. 400

A few years ago I realized I was getting close to casting on my 300th project on Ravelry. Since that’s a lot I wanted to cast on something special and in the end I decided on a merino cardigan. I didn’t finish that in 2016 when I cast on, but I did finish it a year ago, in early 2018. Now it’s time again. It’s taken me about 28 months but a few days ago I found myself closing in on project no. 400. What was I to do? Was I going to make another special thing and cast on something big like that 300-cardigan?

I thought about it and I thought about it and I thought about it some more and I realized I don’t want to cast on something huge again. Not right now when knitting time is limited. Instead I opted for something simple but with nice yarn. I bought this yarn this past summer and I’ve been curious about it. It’s soft and it’s pink and I like it. It’s not the fanciest thing but yarn doesn’t have to be super fancy to still be great.

So I picked the yarn, I wound it into a ball and I decided on a plain sock pattern – this is the yarn’s time to shine. (Plus it’s not the right weight for Business casual.) I searched for a pattern and picked a plain one, a pair of straight toe-up socks in all its simplicity. I’ve only made toe-up socks once before and it’s 3,5 years ago so I’m not sure it really counts. With this I’m moving forward with my 400th Revelry project – a simple sock, a nice yarn and a new technique. What a way to finish 2018 and to start 2019!