Nothing new over here

It seems I haven’t made any progress at all on my shawl in the last week. I’ve dutifully done two rows each day and I know there is not that much left but the rows are just endless. There are¬†about 600 stitches per row at this point and that just isn’t acceptable. After this it will be a long time before I knit in lace weight again. A cardigan with 3/4 sleeves in aran weight¬†yarn perhaps? Mm, aran weight. Or bulky. Bulky is good. Anything on big needles is good. Especially bulky. There is yarn in my stash, I know it. Maybe I could just take a little peak, nothing serious, just to orientate myself a little bit, see what I have and so on, get some inspiration for the future. I can totally stop at anytime. Yes, I won’t cast on something new, no, I will be faithful to this darned shawl. I’ll give it till New Year’s. After that, I’ll cast on something new.