Warm back

Tomorrow is first of Advent and today Me Made and I went down to the storage room in the basement to get the decorations. The basement is chilly and it was a great opportunity¬†to try out the vertebrae cardigan that I finished a little while ago. Me Made didn’t seem to mind it and was warm and cosy while in the basement.

The hem around the neck is a different color, and a different yarn, because Me Made’s arms are a bit longer than babies of the same age usually have so I didn’t have enough pink yarn left for the hem. I figure I wouldn’t anyway but this way I didn’t get any left overs either, which is good for the stash.

It’s simply a great cardigan when using a baby carrier, or when the baby is on its belly of course, but I thought of the baby carrier when I decided to make it. And it works!

Pattern: Baby Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk. Yarn: Ulrika from Svarta fåret, color 42, and Rios from Malabrigo, color Pearl. Mods: switched the kfb to M1.