Straight from the cottage – November

Remember the yarn club I entered? The one where I get one skein per month? Well, today I got the skein for November. The color inspiration comes, as always, from nature and this month hawthorn is represented. This created a ochre kind of color and I think something in that color would look good with my grey coat. A shawlette perhaps.

Hawthorn is a great tea flavor so I’m surprised the tea bag that came with the package is not hawthorn but peppermint. So is the lip balm. It doesn’t matter of course but the yarn made me thirsty for hawthorn tea.

The color and the flavor are suitable for November when we’re not quite ready for Christmas and everything is quite grey but you can still see some yellow leaves here and there. Also, the birthstone for November is citrine or yellow topaz so that fits very well. I think I can definitely work with this.