Yay, I have enough

My sock is badly neglected but today I got a moment to finish the first one. That’s good and all, but that also means I have one sock left to knit as feet often come in pairs. I have cast on the second sock but that’s it. I like them and I do like to knit socks, it’s my regular pattern (I think you can call it that after 11 pairs) and I think it will be great but again, the time, there just is none.

One thing was good about today’s finished sock (besides the obvious progress of course) at that was the amount of left overs. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn for socks this size but the amount left shows I could have knit even bigger socks. I have another ball for the second sock and I must say that I like sock yarn that comes in smaller balls because then you know, without weighing, that you have enough.