Completely unreasonable

My little crochet shawl accompanied me to knit meet with Annelie today. The plan was to weave in all the ends so I can block it at the next opportunity. That was an optimistic plan.I wove in ends for more than two hours, then I figured I had done enough and moved on to newer projects. (Remember Barney Stinson’s one rule (one of the one rules): New Is Always Better! I can only assume he was talking about knitting.)

Two hours meant 50 ends woven in. 50 ends. That’s insane. And the sad thing is that I still have a huge amount of ends left. I can’t say I like weaving in ends but I’m fine with it, I do it, as long as I feel that the amount is reasonable. Remember the socks with a total of 28 ends? That wasn’t reasonable. This shawl with close to 100 ends? Not reasonable either. I figure I will try to do a couple of ends each day and I should have a shawl to block by Christmas or something. At least I’m halfway through.