Optimistic was the word

September 1. The first day of fall. Summer is over. On Monday I start school again. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a long and hot summer and fall feels like a relief after this heath. The last couple if weeks have been rough, not heathwise but… well, lifewise and I’m sure September will change that.

It started extremely well. I was at a “finishing feast” (or fäst in Swedish, pun intended) at my friend Annelie’s, we had tea, freshly baked bread and chocolate and we wove in ends and sewed and so on. I had a million ends to weave in (what’s up with all the ends, crochet?) and I did them all. Now two shawls are just a block away from being finished.

  • Since this was one of the rare occasions where Me Made wasn’t present, I had high expectations of what I could accomplish and I brought an insane amount of projects. Three knitting projects, one crochet project and of course the two projects for weaving in ends. Well, no surprise but I was a little optimistic. I did finish weaving in ends though and most importantly, I had a wonderful time.