These days I don’t ask for much

Today I was smart. It’s a bit embarassing that I consider this to be a sign of intelligence but I do nontheless. For one of my projects I’m using beads and the beads came on a string with the kit. It quickly became clear that keeping them on the string while knitting would prove to be difficult. That’s when I was smart. With the yarn kit I also got a small tin with stitch markers. By this far along in the knitting all the markers are in the knitting so the tin is empty. My light bulb moment made me realize I could take all the beads off the string and put them in the tin instead. So I did. I’m extremely smug and pleased with myself.

Shhhh, just let me have it, will you?

2 thoughts on “These days I don’t ask for much

  1. I happened upon this blog and i have to say I love it. It’s cozy like a cup of tea, sweet like a cookie and welcoming like a favourite book that you haven’t read in a while. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all that wonderful yarn and knitting.

    • Thank you so much! This warms my heart! I’ve been a bad blogger lately and comments like this really inspires me to keep it up.

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