The pleasures of summer pt. 2.4 – Lightning

When I was a teenager I once read a book about some kind of spooky mystery. It wasn’t a quality book but it was some kind of escapism and that’s sometimes all you need. I don’t remember much of the plot, I don’t even remember the title (there might have been some kind of cursed doll house in there…?) but I do remember one thing: the weather. Throughout the book the heat is paramount. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s smelly, it’s suffocating and it’s just awful. Everybody is suffering. It’s the kind of heat that is almost scary, there is nothing likeable about it. At the end (when the cursed doll house is supposed to be revealed somehow…?) the heat come to its peak and results in a huge and terrifying thunder storm. As readers and watchers of thrillers will know, a thunder storm means trouble.

Not to me though. I love thunder storms. They are a bit scary, I admit that (especially this morning when we were woken up by thunder just above our building), but that’s also the thrill of it. We can do so much these days but nature will always be able to kick our ass and a thunder storm is a great way to remind us of that. Today we’ve had a huge thunder storm and I’ve loved it. We’ve had a huge heat wave the past few weeks and it now culminated in a spectacular and exciting thunder storm. Me Made couldn’t have cared less about the thunder storm (I hope we will share the love of thunder storms in years to come though) but was happy the temperature dropped. The earth loved the rain, the street outside our building flooded and I have been giddy all day (also, I’ve been happy I didn’t have to go outside).

A summer filled with rain gets old pretty quickly but I sure love a good thunder storm every once in a while.

(And so far, I haven’t seen a single doll house all day, neither regular nor cursed. (It might not have been about a doll house. I wonder what it was though…)).