Under-yarned? Never!

If you ask any knitter what’s the worst thing that could happen to them knitwise, one of the things they would say is to be under-yarned. Me too, I’m also constantly afraid of being under-yarned, either in the aspect that I get a lot of unexpected knitting time or that I underestimated the amount of knitting I could accomplish in the time I had. What if I run out of yarn? That would be horrible. Therefore I, and most other knitters, bring an insane amount of yarn with us where ever we go.

The thing is, I have actuallt run out of yarn once. I was at a conference and I knit socks and by the second day I had one and a half sock done and no more yarn. It was horrible. Since then I bring so much knitting with me all the time. Today I had an apointment where I knew I probably wouldn’t  be able to knit a single stitch but that didn’t stop me from being so worried that I cast on a pair of socks yesterday, in addition to my other projects. I put the sock in my project bag and then I looked at the second yarn ball for the second sock. I had an entire sock with me, I had a baby sweater and my crochet shawl as well, that’s at least ten hours of knitting. I did the only reasonable thing, I brought the second yarn ball.

In the end, I didn’t knit a single stitch.