Field trip

I’ve been wanting to make a little outing for quite some time. It’s a super hot summer and we’re a bit stuck in our equally hot apartment and I want to get out to see something different for a change. So yesterday Me Made, me and my mum went for a little outing to an old mill just outside of the town. We weren’t gone for long but it was enough to make feel like I’ve actually been doing something and taken advantage of the nice weather.

We looked at art and jewellry and I got a little crochet hook, size 0,6 mm, which is smaller than I had before (my smallest was 0,75 mm). I got it for a bargain too so now I need to start looking into beaded projects again. It will have to wait though, as I have my list, but it’s nice to know I have an even smaller crochet hook, should I need one.

Me Made was sceptical at first but then slept through it all. Me, I ended the outing with a very nice chocolate vegan cake.