Why, oh why?

I really don’t like yarn balls that look like this. Why, you ask, it looks like a perfectly good yarn ball. Well, there is nothing wrong with the actual yarn, it’s as lovely as ever. Also, there is nothing wrong with the knitting it creates, it’s as lovely as the knitter makes it. No, the problem with yarn balls that look like this when you cast on…

…is that they look like this after a while. In particular when it comes to cotton. Lace weight wool also has the same tendency. This is impossible. You can’t knit with this without giving it a little tender love and care first, and honestly, isn’t it nicer to actually knit than to wind yarn? I like to knit with the yarn end from the middle of the ball and this is what happens after a while. Impossible, I say!

In the end I took care of it, it had to be done. Why, why does anyone make these kinds of yarn balls?