Hard work

After a few days without knitting due to illness, fever, blood, hospitals, milk and trouble eating, I finally sat down this morning with the pieces of my black cardigan. I fixed the little mistake I had made and started the neckband. According to the pattern I should knit it separately and sew it to the cardigan. Well, sewing (knitwear, sewing knitwear that is) isn’t that fun so I attached it to the actual cardigan while knitting it. It worked out beautifully even though I had to rip it out once.

Sewing the shoulder seams and side seams were easy but it took three times before I had one attached sleeve. That’s what happens when you only have bits and pieces of time to work on it, but now it’s there. The color didn’t help either, very tricky to see the stitches and even worse since the yarn is a cotton linen blend and therefore splits very easily, especially when sewing. But now it’s there!

One sleeve to sew, some ends and four buttons to go. Yay me!