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I’m getting closer and closer to finish my gradient shawl. Just a few (very long but still) rows left. The question is how to proceed after that (let’s ignore for a while the pieces of the black cardigan waiting on the couch to be sewn together). I have a few ideas and and semi-deadlines so I just have to make a plan. Since I’m pretty limited timewise I need to start early and take small steps and plan ahead.

I have three somewhat small projects planned right now. I need to decide on yarn and I’ve searched the stash. In the forseeable future I will try to make:

1. A cotton cowl for myself to protect my neck on windy days when I wear the baby carrier. I have decided on a pattern and I also have the yarn already, I only need to the decide on color.

2. A baby cardigan. A friend is having a baby and I want to make a cardigan for this new little human. I have the yarn planned, it’s a sister yarn, same yarn but different color, as I used in a cardigan that Me Made wore. Maybe I’ll do the same pattern too. Maybe.

3. A lace shawl. I got a yarn ball on lace weight a few months ago and made a commitment to make a shawl. I will combine it with another lace weight from the stash, and possibly something else as well, I haven’t decided on a pattern yet.

That’s my plan, but for now I will concentrate on finishing my gradient shawl.

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