A cardigan in need

Over a year ago I cast on a baby cardigan. It was meant for a friend’s baby but I never managed to finish it, mainly due to buttons being boring and me writing a BA thesis and working full time at the same time. I did sew the buttons in October last year, when the intended recipient was way too big for it. So I put the finished cardigan away and didn’t think of it again. It wasn’t intended for Me Made and therefore I didn’t include it among the baby related items I made for that occasion.

It’s a cute cardigan, a bit asymmetrical and a fun yarn. Nothing wrong with it, besides being done too late. I didn’t know what to make of it and almost forgot about it.

It’s been a very warm May and little Me Made is barely wearing clothes at all, its just too much of an inconvenience. Then, in the beginning of the week, we suddenly had a cooler day. Since I’m not used to it I wasn’t sure what to do, what to put on Me Made. I figured a onesie and pants would be good but what kind of sweater? I have one that is approximately the right size but it’s in cotton and I worried that might be too cold. Then it hit me – the pink and gray cardigan. It’s wool and the right size. It was perfect and little Me Made wore it for two days straight. Then the temperature went up again and it’s now too warm for a wool cardigan. It might be the only time this cardigan will be worn, at least by Me Made, but for those two days, it was essential.

Pattern: Peanut Warmer by Taiga Hilliard Designs. Color: Austermann Merino 105 Color, color 1301. Mods: switched increases from kfb to M1 and omitted the purl rows.

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