Which end?

Early this year I made a little list of knitting goals for 2018. One of the goals was to knit from gradients since I have a huge fascination for it and keep collecting kits (and remember, it’s okay to knit from stash yarn, it does not compromise the integrity of the stash). So I figure it’s time to do something with it.

Earlier this year I also purchased a gradient yarn ball in pink. It came with a shawl pattern and I figure it’s time to knit it. There are two questions though. The first one is whether this actually count as making something from gradient yarn since it wasn’t in the stash when I decided on that goal. The second question concerns which end to start from, hot pink closest to the neck or dusty pink? Generally I would say that it should go from light to dark from the neck down and therefore I also started with the dusty rose part. Then it struck me that this is a shawl, made from the neck down,¬†and shawls grow. This means that even though it will sure end with hot pink, the over all impression will be dusty rose because the rows will be longer at the bottom, hence I won’t have as much hot pink as I want. So I should really frog it and start over from the other end. I’ll have to think it over a few times more though, we’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Which end?

  1. Hello
    I have seen that you have made the Cardigan designed by Kate, and I would like to know if you exchange designs, because I bought 1 Shawl from Kate and now I would like to make the Heather cardigan but I can not buy it.
    Thank you in avance for your answer.

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry but I don’t exchange designs. I do hope you make the cardigan though, it’s a very nice one.
      Take care!

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