Procrastinating with a cardy

It’s winter vacation and I’m having some time off work. Since my classes are not on winter vacation I was going to use the free time to study. I have studied a bit but mostly I’ve been knitting on a toddler sweater. It’s excellent for procrastinating. Just one more row, one more stripe, and then I’ll study. Oh, I’m close to separating for the sleeves or the bottom edge, let’s do that and then I’ll study. Once this is finished I bet I will convince myself I need to cast on something new before I can study. This is dangerous and very bad for my studies, but on the other hand it’s very good for my knitting progress. It’s like I’ve totally gone into winter vacation mode, I’m hibernating on my couch with my wool and I’m having the best of time. Except for that need to study, that is. But tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll study. As long as I can keep myself from knitting the sleeves…

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