The ugly truth?

The other day an interesting question was raised: Can you give away something (in regards to knitting) that you yourself find ugly?

Me and my friends had different opinions on this. One friend was stubborn and said no, under no conditions can you give away something ugly. Personally I was a bit torn. Sure, if I find something being very ugly, why would I want to bestow it on a friend? And the truth is, I wouldn’t, not if it’s a pattern issue or a huge mistake that I made that is very obvious or the color makes me sick. But, and here is where me and my friend differ, if it’s just something that I find that I myself wouldn’t wear but there is nothing wrong with it otherwise, I would, and I have, give it away. I have bought yarn over the Internet that wasn’t to my taste when it arrived and I have asked friends if they like it and if they do, I give it to them. I have knit things that were not in a color I like at all and I’ve given it away. I have even kept things to myself that were too nice to give away and given something else instead.

I wouldn’t give away bad things, but I am giving things that might not be to my particular taste. Now, why is this? Well, I think it’s because I, or rather we, have learned the hard way that people’s taste in things differ quite a lot. Me and Agnieszka rarely have the same opinion on colors and what is pretty and what is not. Therefore I never make decisions regarding colors for her without making sure I know that she will like it first. I have other friends who love colors that I would never wear and I know that they, in their turn, will never understand my passion for pink. We’re just different and that’s okay.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t give away something to someone that I didn’t think they would like, but I would definitely give away something that I don’t like if I think they would like it instead. And why shouldn’t I? I will not be happy with it, if they will, why not give it to them? That’s much better than me either frogging or hiding it away in a closet somewhere never to be seen again.

So I say, give away the ugly as much as you’d like as long as your heart is in the right place.