See what’s hip right now

I walked past a book store today and there is definitely a change in the knitting book area since 2014, considering yesterday’s observation. This book wouldn’t even be printed four years ago, I believe. But there is a change and it seems that colorwork is what all the cool kids are doing right now. I have seen mutiple books containing fair isle sweaters and other types of color work and this is just the next one. It seems colorwork is in right now and four years ago, quick knits were in. I wonder what the next hot thing will be and also what I would want it to be. I think I prefer pattern books with a variety of items and a variety of techniques and fabric characteristics. If there is a theme, I want it to be spring or November or organic or something like that, not a knitting technique or a type of garment. We’ll see what happens on the knitting scene but I do really welcome this change, not everything has to be quick.