The fairytale knitting book

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about how all knitting books these days seem to focus on knitting being quick, which is ironic since knitting isn’t a very quick craft (sure, a pair of short wrist warmers on size 5 mm needles but that’s sort of the exception) so it’s quite weird to ask it to be quick. Since that blog post I feel a slight change in the pattern book area, there are some more complicated stuff, but I often feel that¬†books are¬†more focused on using “fun” yarn than interesting fiber caracteristics. Anyway, it seems there might be a change and I welcome that.

Something I like when it comes to pattern books is when there is a story with each pattern. It doesn’t have to be a long story, but something to give a litte backgound to pattern. The book in the picture excel in stories. It’s actually mostly stories and then some knitting patterns. I like that, it’s so much more than just another pattern book, it’s a way of knitting what you’ve been reading in the children’s books. It talks about Pippi Longstocking and other beloved children’s books and gives you the pattern for the item the character is wearing. That also gives every item a backstory and it’s great.

I got this book from my mum for Christmas two year’s ago and while I have been reading it, I haven’t knit anything from it yet. Now though, I feel it might be the time, just as long as finish my current WIP’s first.

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