A lack of space

Despite me re-doing my stash this past summer, and planned so that there would be room for more yarn, I have now reached a point where I can barely fit any more yarn in the categories light fingering, fingering and sport weight. The answer is obvious, I need to knit stash yarn. I have yarn in the freezer that I can’t fit right now, and knit from the stash seems like a fair plan. Or, you know, find other places to stash yarn but why not try the knitting option first. When that fails (and I inevitable buy more yarn despite the evident lack of space), I will find more space elsewhere.

So now I need to plan projects to knit from those categories. I need to come up with a plan and I might also need to go through those categories to see what’s hiding in there, behind the outermost layer. There is a lot of sock yarn there but I have other socks in pipeline so that’s not the answer. Also, I have to remember that knitting from the stash won’t compromise the integrity of said stash. And, the question arises again, when does yarn become stash yarn?