Today was somewhat happily making progress on a sleeve on my UFO-cardigan when I realized something. I was moving towards the end of the first sleeve when I ran out of my second yarn ball. I have four so that isn’t really an issue but I got a bit concerned. I have the second sleeve left and also the front panel. The front panel is the thing on this cardigan, it’s nothing without it, and I don’t want to run out of yarn with just a few rows left. With this in mind I made a decision. I finished my second yarn ball and then I left the sleeve on waste yarn and cast on the front panel. I don’t know how much yarn that will take so I will finish it and then move on to the second sleeve if I’m not positive I have enough yarn for two full lenght sleeves. Sleeves are a lot easier to make shorter, like 3/4 sleeves, but a front panel that is too short will be very difficult to gloss over and to solve in the blocking or something. I’m happy with my decision and the front panel is much more fun to knit than the sleeves. Let’s just hope I won’t  get second sleeve syndrome when that time comes.