Fickle dye lots

In my new cardigan (which is really an old cardigan) I finished the first skein and moved on to the second. I didn’t think about it further and happily finished the back and moved on to the sleeves. After a few rows on the first sleeve I noted a color change. I wasn’t sure what it meant but decided to check the back and sure enough, there is a lighter line right where I changed skeins. I checked the dye lots and they are the same but the line is there, just around the last marker before the gap in markers.

I have thought about whether it bothers me and I have decided that it doesn’t. I have no interest in ripping out half of the body and after considering it I have decided that it’s not as obvious as I first though. About the sleeves, that wasn’t prominent at all after a few more rounds so I figure I’m all good.