What little knitting has, or has not, happened

I’m so sorry for being so elusive. I’m not feeling my best as of lately but I hope it will all be sorted in a couple of weeks. Nothing much has happened in the knitting department either:

  • ¬†I have finished all the knitting on my purple cardigan but I haven’t blocked it or anything.
  • I have finished the last MKAL but I haven’t blocked it or anything (yes, this is some kind of a theme).
  • I have finished a pair of red wrist warmers but, yes, guessed right, I haven’t blocked¬†them or anything.
  • I have not finished the other pair of wrist warmers, despite them coming with me to school every day I rarely knit a stitch.
  • I have started a new MKAL. I feel hopeful.
  • I have started a very pretty shawl but find it difficult to gather enough energy to actuall knit.
  • I picked up very pretty stork scissors in rose gold at work yesterday.
  • I also picked up yarn.
  • I might have been depraved enough to get a cat inspired yarn kit. I consider it a call for help but if nothing else, the project bag will make an excellent Christmas gift for one of my many, many cat-loving friends.

That’s about it in the last month, nothing much and absolutely nothing to show for it. At least I’m starting to feel inspired again and that’s always something.

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