Knitting Attack VI

No matter how experienced you are as a knitter¬†you will always find these moments when you remember to be humble. No matter how much you knit and how many years you’ve knit you will always make rookie mistakes every now and again. This happened to me today. I’ve spent the last week happily knitting away on my second sleve and today I was done with it all except the cuff. I was going to change needles to below gauge needles and that’s when I realized it. I never changed back to the gauge needles when I was done with the cuff on the first sleeve. I’ve knit the entire sleeve with the wrong needles. This explains why it took so long to get the right length.

So, the question now is how to handle this.The sleeve doesn’t look smaller, nor is it tighter really, but the braided part is about a centimeter shorter. I could re-knit that part of course but will I be happy with my cardi? Won’t I always think it too tight even if it’s not? So many questions, what to do, what to do?