I didn’t think this through

Since I startet these with some leftover yarn I now realize I have a problem. Will there enough for the second one? It looks like I’m playing yarn chicken and I’m pretty sure I will lose. What do I do then? I’m not sure I can get more and definitely not in the same dye lot. It will be an interesting few days coming up, that’s for sure. As if I really needed any more excitement in my life right now. Oh well, so what if I don’t have enough, I’ll be okay anyway. There are other knittings and more importantly, there are other sets of 2,5 mm dpn’s in case these will have to wait a little while, till I can get my hands on more yarn. And here I was, thinking I could clear out some yarn in the stash. Looks like I will be getting more instead. I’m really okay with that.